Love Shack Fancy

Love Shack Fancy (LSF) dresses are made from hand-dyed fabrics, rich in intricate detail, and capture the essence of strength and femininity with their soft hues, lace, and vintage floral prints. This collection from LSF includes fanciful floral and whimsical designs, ready for your next summer escape or party! Unabashed femininity is the theme with LSF dresses and skirts, and you’ll look as beautiful and strong as you feel in any dress in our collection.

Explore our Love Shack Fancy dresses below, and find cute, fun, feminine, and bold in every piece in this collection from designer Rebecca Hessel Cohen.

About Love Shack Fancy

Love Shack Fancy, also known as LSF, was founded by Creative Director Rebecca Hessel Cohen. Raised in Manhattan, Rebecca was immersed in the editorial fashion career from a young age. Her mother, creative director of Seventeen magazine for two decades, remains a major inspiration for Hessel Cohen, and shaped the brand that would go on to become Love Shack Fancy.

Hessel Cohen began by designing her bridesmaids' dresses for a fairy-tale wedding, but quickly evolved to fanciful silk dresses– and then collaborated with celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow’s brand ‘Goop’ and Julia Roitfeld’s ‘Romy.’ The brand has gone on to become an international story of success, with her dresses in boutiques across the globe. From the launch of LSF 2013, the brand has evolved to become one of the leading bohemian-inspired womens fashion collections.